Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms


Health care field has a vast amount of data, for processing those data certain techniques are used. Data mining is one of the techniques often used. Heart disease is the Leading cause of death worldwide. This System predicts the arising possibilities of Heart Disease. The outcomes of this system provide the chances of occurring heart disease in terms of percentage. The datasets used are classified in terms of medical parameters. This system evaluates those parameters using data mining classification technique. The datasets are processed in python programming using two main Machine Learning Algorithm namely Decision Tree Algorithm and Naïve Bayes Algorithm which shows the best algorithm among these two in terms of accuracy level of heart disease.



  • System : Pentium Dual Core.
  • Hard Disk : 120 GB.
  • Monitor : 15’’ LED
  • Input Devices : Keyboard, Mouse
  • Ram : 1 GB


  • Operating system : Windows 7.
  • Coding Language : Python
  • Database : MYSQL


Santhana Krishnan.J, Geetha.S, “Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms”, IEEE 2019 1st International Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology (ICIICT), 2019.

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