NS2 Course Training in Pondicherry

About NS2:

  • NS (Network Simulator) is consist of group of series of distinct occurrence complex simulators, specifically ns-1, ns-2 and ns-3. All of them are discrete-event network simulator, mainly used in investigate and training.
  • NS-2 is a very popular discrete event Network Simulator which is widely used in the research field of Wired, Wireless and Satellite Networks across both academia and industry as a way of designing, testing and evaluating new and existing protocols and architectures, and has also proven a very useful tool for teaching purposes.
  • NS-2 comes fully equipped of protocols, models, algorithms and accessory tools. NS-2 is an open source network simulator which is freely available for academic research purpose. Therefore, in terms of scientific acceptance, number of tools/modules and cost, NS-2 would be a sort of ideal choice.
  • NS is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks.
  • NS-2 started as a variant of the REAL network simulator in 1989 and has since been supported by the Virtual InterNetwork Testbed (VINT) project that is a DARPA-funded research project whose aim is to build a network simulator.

 Why NS2:

  • When the system under research is complex to either follow an analytical approach or implement it in real time to study its behaviour, simulation is the solution that ultimately makes it feasible by modeling it and closely mimicking the actual process.
  • Network researches wholly depend on the availability of numerous simulation tools like OPNET, NS2, OMNET++ and so on. Without these tools it would be difficult to even imagine the advancements we have reached in networking. Of the numerous tools available, Network Simulator or NS2 (as it is famously called) stands distinct from the rest of the simulators.

Future Scope of NS2:

NS2 uses C++ language to implement the research projects. The future scope of the C/C++ Programming language is immeasurable. C and C++ ruled out the software programming structures in our life or in the entire software fields. C/C++ is basic for all the programming languages for today’s life. C/C++ produces the great future for excellent programmers. C/C++ is the basic software structure for all the programming languages like Java, Android, C# and so on.

Why NS2 at JP INFOTECH Pondicherry:

  • JP INFOTECH has an experienced team of NS2 experts, who have been using this wonderful tool for more than 6 years.
  • At JP INFOTECH we truly believe in delivering a high quality product at a lower cost. Our objective is to make the student comfortable with the tool and equip him/her with knowledge that is usable even when he/she does a PhD research in networking.
  • Our team of experts has crafted a unique and compact syllabus that suits all students perfectly.

Who Should Attend NS2 Course at JP INFOTECH Pondicherry? 

  • College students those who are all having academic training in this session.
  • Fresher’s or Job seekers in the latest technologies.
  • Who are all want to development their knowledge in emerging technologies
  • People who are all want their carrier in the software developer
  • Interested candidates in latest emerging technologies

 After NS2 Course Completion at JP INFOTECH Pondicherry:

  • Will be experienced in writing the basic programming languages.
  • Will be able to write all the robust code around the I/O operation codes
  • Will be able to directly apply relevant skills in the workplace in the latest project using NS2.
  • Will be define your own Programming development in NS2
  • Courses completion certificate with ISO standardized for job opportunities
  • Assurance of 100% placement
  • Will be able to design security controls and incorporate into applications
  • Will be able for the essentials of Object oriented programming
  • Basic Fundamentals and handling the software Environments