INPLANT TRAINING (IPT) FOR CSE, IT, EEE, ECE, MCA Students in Pondicherry / Puducherry

IPT Cost: Rs.1000/

In-Plant Training (IPT) offers students an additional edge in their profession. With the increase in the demand for students with training on various software technologies, we are offering excellent In-Plant Training (IPT) program based on Software, Application system, networking, Mobile application, embedded system and many more. You can also enjoy quality learning, real time exposure, flexibility, excellent support, complete guidance from our professionals. You can earn knowledge on various projects and once you have completed the training, you will be provided with the certificates of completion. If you are searching for Good initiate, then our inplant training will be a great way to start your successful career.

IPT, also known as Inplant training, is a widely sought after practice required by the students. The major purpose of inplant training would be to polish the knowledge acquired through academics with the enhanced assistance of industry practices. Students who have undergone inplant training are welcomed by the companies as they are well acquainted with such kind of trainings. It is likely that the academic studies only imparts theoretical knowledge to the students and these inplant trainings pave way for students to gain a practical knowledge of what they learnt theoretically and from computers. With inplant trainings, students can experience the exposure towards industrial happenings, as they are liable to work in such conditions right after their studies.

If you wonder, why inplant trainings are important for students, then you can comprehend its importance from the following lines. Inplant training instructs the students with appropriate knowledge of the valuable practices of industries. The survivability of students in MNCs who underwent inplant trainings are found to be more, when compared to those who enter MNC right after their completion of studies. Inplant trainings are a great mean of providing real time exposure of industries and companies to the engineering graduates. It also transforms the theoretical knowledge of the students to a practical approach. The usages of inplant trainings are notably good particularly during the job recruitments.

In Plant Training (IPT) will offer an industrial exposure to the college students in order to develop their career in the manner for of high tech industrial needs. We are offering in plant training to the student. Here students are basically getting guided so as to come out of their interest in different streams and what are the fundamental concepts they understand on that specific domain. After the successful completion of studies, every student has to face this competitive world with their gained knowledge and skill to face many difficulties and acquire suitable solutions that has to solve in minimum period of time. This sort of training allows you to get more practical knowledge.

Our IPT Syllabus focuses on skills development and communication strategies in a practical context. We use a communicative approach and tasks such as ‘real plays’ or simulations which allow participants to practice and demonstrate communicative ability in the most realistic way possible. For example, the task might be to prepare a presentation on a new company product or to draft a business report. Everything is relevant to the duties the participants perform at work.

Fee Details: Rs.1000/student Course Duration: 3 days | 6 Hrs | 2 Hrs/day

  • DOT NET (.NET)
  • Java/J2EE
  • NS2
  • Android
  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Marketing

All participants will be given a JP INFOTECH file of materials. Course resources will consist of materials created by JP INFOTECH team of trainers according to the customized course syllabus.

Our trainers are qualified native speakers with extensive international experience of language and skills training. The In-Plant Training team is experienced in tailor-made course design and in creating results-driven, motivating training programmers. Trainers will be assigned to the courses at a later date.

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