ieee projects for ece 2017

IEEE Projects for ECE 2017


A System for Monitoring Hand Hygiene Compliance based-on Internet-of-Things

Agricultural Crop Monitoring using IOT- A Study

An Autonomous Wireless Body Area Network Implementation Towards IoT Connected Healthcare Applications

Analysis of Three IoT-Based Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

Child Safety Wearable Device

Connecting physical things to a SmartCity-OS

Decentralized Configuration of Embedded Web Services for Smart Home Applications

Design of Online Monitoring Device for COD Parameter in Industrial Sewage Based on Soft Measurement Method

Developing Portable Instrument Based on Internet of Things for Air Quality Information System

Efficient Low Cost Supervisory System for Internet of Things Enabled Smart Home

EMACS: Design and Implementation of Indoor Environment Monitoring and Control System

Energy Autonomous Wireless Valve Leakage Monitoring System With Acoustic Emission Sensor

First step towards an IoT implementation of a wireless sensors network for environmental radiation monitoring

Health Care Monitoring System in Internet of Things (loT) by Using RFID

Internet-of-things based Smart Tracking

Real-Time Signal Quality-Aware ECG Telemetry System for IoT-Based Health Care Monitoring

Room Temperature Control and Fire Alarm/Suppression IoT Service Using MQTT on AWS

We-Care: An IoT-based Health Care System for Elderly People

Worldwide Auto-mobi: Arduino IoT Home Automation System for IR Devices


A Low Cost Automated Fluid Control Device using Smart Phone for Medical Application

Data Monitoring and Hardware Control for App Android by Bluetooth Communication for Laboratory Teaching in Electrical Engineering Courses

Design of Smart Neonatal Health Monitoring System using Sensor Mobile Cloud Computing

Mining Human Activity Patterns from Smart Home Big Data for Healthcare Applications

Real-time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smart Phone Platforms

EMBEDDED IEEE Projects 2017

A Real Time Street Lighting Control System

A Two-level Traffic Light Control Strategy for Preventing Incident-Based Urban Traffic Congestion

A Unified Framework for Vehicle Rerouting and Traffic Light Control to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Automatic Detection of Red Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras

Body and Fall Detection System with Heart Rate Monitoring

Design and Implementation of Low Cost ECG Monitoring System for the Patient using Smart Device

Economic Feasibility Of Solar Powered Street Lighting System In Libya

Handover in Outdoor Visible Light Communication System

Intelligent Home Automation System using BitVoicer

LED Projection Module Enables a Vehicle to Communicate with Pedestrians and Other Vehicles

On Detecting Acceptable Air Contamination in Classrooms using Low Cost Sensors

Reverse Engineering the Communications Protocol of an RFID Public Transportation Card

RFID-Based Attendance Management System

Syncretic Use of Smart Meters for Power Quality Monitoring in Emerging Networks

Towards Intelligent Arabic Text-to-Speech Application for Disabled People

Tuning of a Stigmergy-based Traffic Light Controller as a Dynamic Optimization Problem

Wheel Therapy Chair: A smart system for disabled person with therapy facility

BIOMETRIC IEEE Projects 2017

Anti-theft Protection of Vehicle by GSM & GPS with Fingerprint Verification

Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access

Flexible Microdisplacement Sensor for Wearable/Implantable Biomedical Applications

Indoor Localization Framework with WiFi Fingerprinting

SecureHouse: A Home Security System Based on Smartphone Sensors

ROBOTICS IEEE Projects 2017

An Android Based Human Computer Interactive System with Motion Recognition and Voice Command Activation

Low-Cost, Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots

Mine Detecting Robot Prototyping

Mobile Quad-Controlled Wireless Robotic Arm

Robotic Testing of Mobile Apps for Truly Black-Box Automation

WIRELESS IEEE Project titles 2017

A Real-Time Flood Alert System for Parking Lots

A Smart Meter Design and Implementation Using ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid

A Study of the Mesh Topology in a ZigBee Network for Home Automation Applications

Design and Implementation of Real Time Transformer Health Monitoring System Using GSM Technology

E-health Acquistion, Transmission &Monitoring System

Electrical Appliances Control Prototype by Using GSM Module and Arduino

Energy-Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks

Improvement in Multiple Access Channel Allocation for Sensor Node Configuration Based on RFID Communication

Lightweight Mashup Middleware for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control Automation

Microcontroller based Digital Meter with Alert System using GSM

Realisation of a Smart Plug device based on Wi-Fi technology for use in Home Automation systems

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