Design and Development of Portable Spirometer

Design and Development of Portable Spirometer


Spirometer as main device to perfom spirometry test is needed to make clinical diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a limitation airflow disease. Spirometer will produce Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), maximum volume of air that can be exhaled during a forced maneuver and produce Forced Expired Volume in one second (FEV1), volume expired in the first second of maximal expiration after a maximal inspiration as the main factor to diagnosis COPD. Spirometry test generally performed at a health clinic or medical offices but nowdays home spirometry with portable devices is slowly gaining acceptance. But current portable home based spirometers have no coaching, feedback, or quality control mechanisms from physicians to ensure acceptable measurements. This study creates android messaging, javafx desktop and website based information system integrated to portable spirometer made from MPX5100DP sensor to calculate the pressure during FVC, and Arduino nano to keep track and maintaince spirometry test.


Udin Harun Al Rasyid, Kemalasari, Muhammad Sulistiyo, Sritrusta Sukaridhoto, “Design and Development of Portable Spirometer”, IEEE 2018.

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