MATLAB IEEE 2017 – 2018 Image Processing Project Titles

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Image Processing (Biometrics)

Deep Representation based feature extraction and recovering for Finger-vein verification

Study of Imposter Attacks on Novel Fingerprint Dynamics Based Verification System

Image Processing (Face Recognition)

Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition

Data-Dependent Label Distribution Learning for Age Estimation

Face Anti-Spoofing using Speeded-Up Robust Features and Fisher Vector Encoding

Facial Age Estimation with Age Difference

Largest Matching Areas for Illumination and Occlusion Robust Face Recognition

Learning Correspondence Structures for Person Re-identification

Semi-Supervised Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition with Insufficient Labeled Samples

Simultaneous Feature and Dictionary Learning for Image Set Based Face Recognition

Image Processing (Facial Expression Recognition)

A Facial-Expression Monitoring System for Improved Healthcare in Smart Cities

An emotion recognition system for mobile applications

The Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition

Unconstrained Facial Beauty Prediction Based on Multi-scale K-Means

Image Processing (Action Recognition)

Semi-Supervised Image-to-Video Adaptation for Video Action Recognition

Soft Biometrics: Globally Coherent Solutions for Hair Segmentation and Style Recognition based on Hierarchical MRFs

Medical Image Processing

Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Empirical Wavelet Transform and Correntropy Features Extracted from Fundus Images

Neuron Segmentation with High-Level Biological Priors

Retinal Disease Screening through Local Binary Patterns

Defect Detection in SEM Images of Nanofibrous Materials

Image Processing

Fast Image Dehazing Method Based on Linear Transformation

Fog Density Estimation and Image Defogging Based on Surrogate Modeling for Optical Depth

Haze Removal using the Difference-Structure-Preservation Prior

Single Image Rain Streak Decomposition Using Layer Priors

A Hierarchical Approach for Rain or Snow Removing in A Single Color Image

Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition

Cartoon and Texture Decomposition based Color Transfer for Fabric Images

Optimized Multioperator Image Retargeting Based on Perceptual Similarity Measure

Perceptual Image Fusion using Wavelets

Image Processing (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

A Cognitively Motivated Method for Classification of Occluded Traffic Signs

Automatic Detection of Red Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras

Counting vehicles in urban traffic scenes using foreground time-spatial images

Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information

Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement and Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion

Towards Detection of Bus Driver Fatigue Based on Robust Visual Analysis of Eye State

A Practical Animal Detection and Collision Avoidance System Using Computer Vision Technique

Image Processing (License Plate Detection)

A Robust and Efficient Approach to License Plate Detection

Accurate Detection and Recognition of Dirty Vehicle Plate Numbers for High-Speed Applications

Segmentation- and Annotation-Free License Plate Recognition With Deep Localization and Failure Identification

Image Processing (Steganography & Watermarking)

A Novel Data Hiding Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Images

Steganography with Multiple JPEG Images of the Same Scene

Chaos-based fast colour image encryption scheme with true random number keys from environmental noise

Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development that is Adaptable to Robust Blind Watermarking Techniques

Fractional Krawtchouk transform with an application to image watermarking

Image Processing (Forensic Detection)

An Image-Based Approach to Detection of Fake Coins

Splicing Image Forgery Detection Using Textural Features Based on the Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrices

Image Processing (Image Denoising/Deblurring)

Affine Non-local Means Image Denoising

Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising

Structure-based Low-Rank Model with Graph Nuclear Norm Regularization for Noise Removal

L0-Regularized Intensity and Gradient Prior for Deblurring Text Images and Beyond

Image Processing (Image Segmentation)

An Adaptive Background Modeling Method for Foreground Segmentation

Color-Based Segmentation of Sky/Cloud Images From Ground-Based Cameras

Detecting morphological filtering of binary images

Learning Spatio-Temporal Information for Multi-Object Tracking

Weak Classifier for Density Estimation in Eye Localization and Tracking

Image Processing (Super-Resolution)

Coarse-to-Fine Learning for Single-Image Super-Resolution

Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization

SRLSP: A Face Image Super-Resolution Algorithm Using Smooth Regression with Local Structure Prior

Image Processing (CBIR)

Discriminative Multi-view Interactive Image Re-ranking

Neighborhood Matching For Image Retrieval

Words Matter: Scene Text for Image Classification and Retrieval

Image Processing (Hyperspectral Images)

Effective Denoising and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Curvelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis

Hierarchical Guidance Filtering-Based Ensemble Classification for Hyperspectral Images

Higher Order Dynamic Conditional Random Fields Ensemble for Crop Type Classification in Radar Images

Image Processing (Video Processing)

Automatic Detection of 3D Quality Defects in Stereoscopic Videos Using Binocular Disparity

Salient object detection with spatiotemporal background priors for video

Toward Storytelling From Visual Lifelogging: An Overview

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