Communication Systems IEEE Project Titles 2017 – 2018

matlab cs 2017 buttonA New Analytical Approach to Evaluate the Critical-Event Probability Due to Wireless Communication Errors in Train Control Systems

A New Framework of Filter Bank Multi-Carrier: Getting Rid of Subband Orthogonality

A Novel Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks with Noise Uncertainty

Application-Aware Resource Allocation of Hybrid Traffic in Cellular Networks

Bayesian Reinforcement Learning-Based Coalition Formation for Distributed Resource Sharing by Device-to-Device Users in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Comparison of Collision-Free and Contention-Based Radio Access Protocols for the Internet of Things

Design of Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Scheme for Short Reference DCSK Communication Systems

Dynamic Resource Allocation for Immediate and Advance Reservation in Space-Division-Multiplexing-Based Elastic Optical Networks

Dynamic User Grouping and Joint Resource Allocation with Multi-Cell Cooperation for Uplink Virtual MIMO Systems

Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Cellular Networks with Discontinuous Transmission

Equal Interference Power Allocation for Efficient Shared Spectrum Resource Scheduling

Evolutionary Channel Sharing Algorithm for Heterogeneous Unlicensed Networks

Expectation-Maximization-based Channel Estimation for Multiuser MIMO Systems

FBMC and LDACS Performance for Future Air to Ground Communication Systems

Generalized 3-D Constellation Design for Spatial Modulation

Group Cooperation with Optimal Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Communication Networks

Huffman Coding Based Adaptive Spatial Modulation

Joint Rate Control and Scheduling for Real-Time Wireless Networks

Joint Spectrum and Energy Efficiency in Device to Device Communication Enabled Wireless Networks

Location Privacy Preservation in Database-driven Wireless Cognitive Networks through Encrypted Probabilistic Data Structures

Multi-antenna Wireless Legitimate Surveillance Systems: Design and Performance Analysis

Multicarrier Approaches for High-baudrate Optical-Fiber Transmission Systems with a Single Coherent Receiver

Non-linear Distortion Cancellation and Symbol-based Equalization in Satellite Forward Links

Non-Orthogonal Random Access (NORA) for 5G Networks

Optimal Resource Allocation for Power-Efficient MC-NOMA with Imperfect Channel State Information

Parallel and Distributed Resource Allocation with Minimum Traffic Disruption for Network Virtualization

Resource Allocation Strategy for Multi-user Cognitive Radio Systems: Location-Aware Spectrum Access

Spectral and Energy Efficiencies in Full-Duplex Wireless Information and Power Transfer

Spectral Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Optimization via Mode Selection for Spatial Modulation in MIMO Systems

Subband Filtered Multi-carrier Systems for Multi-service Wireless Communications

TDMA versus CSMA/CA for wireless multi-hop communications: a stochastic worst-case delay analysis

The Error Propagation Analysis of the Received Signal Strength-Based Simultaneous Localization and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

Training Sequence Design for Efficient Channel Estimation in MIMO-FBMC Systems

User Association and Resource Allocation Optimization in LTE Cellular Networks

matlab cs 2017 button