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Active Authentication on Mobile Devices via Stylometry, Application Usage, Web Browsing, and GPS Location

An Android-based Mechanism for Energy Efficient Localization depending on Indoor / Outdoor Context

DELTA++: Reducing the Size of Android Application Updates

Detecting Driver’s Smartphone Usage via Non-intrusively Sensing Driving Dynamics

Drive Now, Text Later: Nonintrusive Texting-while-Driving Detection using Smartphones

DrivingStyles: A Mobile Platform for Driving Styles and Fuel Consumption Characterization

EnergyPatch: Repairing Resource Leaks to Improve Energy-efficiency of Android Apps

Fine-grained Abnormal Driving Behaviors Detection and Identification with Smartphones

Identifying User-Input Privacy in Mobile Applications at a Large Scale

Iterative Classifier Fusion System for the Detection of Android Malware

MADAM: Effective and Efficient Behavior-based Android Malware Detection and Prevention

Monet: A User-oriented Behavior-based Malware Variants Detection System for Android

Privacy-Preserving Location-Proximity for Mobile Apps

RoadSense: Smartphone Application to Estimate Road Conditions using Accelerometer and Gyroscope

ShakeIn: Secure User Authentication of Smartphones with Habitual Single-handed Shakes

ShuffleDog: Characterizing and Adapting User-Perceived Latency of Android Apps

TeamPhone: Networking Smartphones for Disaster Recovery

Towards Automatically Generating Privacy Policy for Android Apps

Understanding Smartphone Sensor and App Data for Enhancing the Security of Secret Questions

ZapDroid: Managing Infrequently Used Applications on Smartphones

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