Performance of Low-Complexity Uniform Power Loading OFDM Systems with Reduced Feedback over Rayleigh Fading Channels.

Impact of Inter-Relay Co-Operation on the Performance of FSO Systems with Any Number of Relays.

The Ergodic Rate Density of Slotted and Unslotted CSMA Ad-Hoc Networks.

Self-Sustainable Communications with RF Energy Harvesting: Ginibre Point Process Modeling and Analysis.

Queue-Aware Energy-Efficient Joint Remote Radio Head Activation and Beamforming in Cloud Radio Access Networks.

Analysis of Downlink Connectivity Models in a Heterogeneous Cellular Network via Stochastic Geometry.

A Simple Recursively Computable Lower Bound on the Noncoherent Capacity of Highly Underspread Fading Channels.

A New Cyclic-Prefix Based Algorithm for Blind CFO Estimation in OFDM Systems.

Comments on “Energy-Efficient Uplink Multiuser MIMO”.

Performance Characterization of Relay-Assisted Wireless Optical CDMA Networks in Turbulent Underwater Channel.

Efficient Tracking Area Management Framework for 5G Networks.

Location Verification Systems Under Spatially Correlated Shadowing.

An Efficient Bayesian PAPR Reduction Method for OFDM-Based Massive MIMO Systems.

Coupled Detection and Estimation Based Censored Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks.

Joint Resource Allocation and Relay Selection in LTE-Advanced Network Using Hybrid Co-Operative Relaying and Network Coding.

A General MIMO Framework for NOMA Downlink and Uplink Transmission Based on Signal Alignment.

Achievable Rates of Secure Transmission in Gaussian MISO Channel With Imperfect Main Channel Estimation.

A Comparison of MIMO Techniques in Downlink Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks with Hybrid Beamforming.

Network Selection and Channel Allocation for Spectrum Sharing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks.

A Scheduling Algorithm for MIMO DoF Allocation in Multi-hop Networks.

On the Capacity of the Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Optical Broadcast Channel.

Secure Broadcasting with Imperfect Channel State Information at the Transmitter.

General Stochastic Channel Model and Performance Evaluation for Underwater Wireless Optical Links.

Achieving High Energy Efficiency and Physical-Layer Security in AF Relaying.

A Batch-based MAC Design with Simultaneous Assignment Decisions for Improved Throughput in Guard-band-constrained Cognitive Networks.

Impact of Antenna Correlation on the BER Performance of a Cognitive Radio Network with Alamouti STBC.

Heterogeneous Cellular Network with Energy Harvesting Based D2D Communication.

Artificial Noise Aided Secrecy Information and Power Transfer in OFDMA Systems.

Dynamic Clustering and ON/OFF Strategies for Wireless Small Cell Networks.

Cooperative Multicasting in Renewable Energy Enhanced Relay Networks – Expending More Power to Save Energy.

Iterative Distributed Minimum Total MSE Approach for Secure Communications in MIMO Interference Channels.

A Novel Coding Scheme for Secure Communications in Distributed RFID Systems.

A Configurable Energy-Efficient Compressed Sensing Architecture with Its Application on Body Sensor Networks.

Limited Rate Feedback Scheme for Resource Allocation in Secure Relay-Assisted OFDMA Networks.

Delay and Power Consumption in LTE/LTE-A DRX Mechanism with Mixed Short and Long Cycles.

Placement Optimization of Energy and Information Access Points in Wireless Powered Communication Networks.

Optimum Co-Design for Spectrum Sharing Between Matrix Completion Based MIMO Radars and a MIMO Communication System.

On the Capacity of the Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Optical Broadcast Channel.